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We are an HTML5 digital production agency comprised of designers and front end developers. Our team can support you in designing and coding material for digital marketing or your campaigns. We have the experience to adapt designs for your campaign, be it HTML5 banners, website coding or email templates.

  • Banner Design
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Creative
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Our main focus is the development of HTML5 display banners and website coding. Over the years our team have coded thousands of creatives for hundreds of brands in a range of different sizes and complexity level. We focus on high quality clean code and aim to deliver campaigns ahead of time.

  • HTML5 & Dynamic Banners
  • MRAID Mobile Rich Media
  • Website Development


As the digital marketing landscape changes we offer development aligned with your marketing strategy for your online advertising campaigns . Our team are able to provide a range of digital assets using high level animations and interactive elements. We can code infographics, mailchimp templates and edit videos.

  • Interactive Infographics
  • Video Editing
  • Email newsletter coding


Experts in HTML5 Banner Production

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We code creatives to ensure that they are compliant with the specifications set by your chosen adserver. AGCS is Google certified, we are able to produce dynamic banners for Google Doubleclick Studio and code smaller weight banners for Google AdWords. Just inform our project manager which platform you are looking to use and we will ensure the creatives are coded and tested for these systems.


AGCS hard code all creatives, we only work with our own framework which enables us to write clean code that is able to be delivered across all kinds of adservers. Our team utilise Greensock animations for HTML5 banners, and when developing websites we adapt WordPress templates or code using bootstrap website builders.

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Quarterly update with our latest work

Our Work

A small collection of our projects

Ghost in the Shell

Universal gave us creative freedom with the marketing assets that we were delivered. Using Greensock animations we coded banners for desktop, and specifically mobile MRAID in app placements. The star quality and high level animation lead to good conversion rates.

Universal gave us creative freedom with the marketing assets that we were delivered. Using Greensock animations we coded banners for desktop, and specifically mobile MRAID in app placements. The star quality and high level animation lead to good conversion rates.

Assassin's Creed

We have had the pleasure of working with Ubisoft to promote games including Ghost Recon and now Assassin’s Creed for their newest release. Ubisoft in Germany approached us to create a eye catching Canvas ad within the Facebook platform. The canvas ad achieved high engagement and excellent reach across gamers.

Voegele Reisen

Voegele Reisen in Switzerland have been working with NMPi Zurich to generate more awareness and leads online. NMPi requested that we support their client to design and code dynamic banners that could be managed through google studio with elements changed in real time.

Two sets of creatives were designed and developed by AGCS ahead of schedule. The results of the campaign were excellent. Voegele Reisen received a number of travel bookings on their site with an outstanding return on their media and creative investment.

What clients say about us

We were impressed with AGCS work ethic and timely delivery. Their technical know-how helped us provide solutions to our clients and improve campaign performance.

Alexander Muehl

AGCS helped us out at Grey Amsterdam numerous times with the production of high-quality media assets for a variety of our clients. They very capable to produce in such a high tempo and with a professional accuracy that it’s just mind-boggling how they get it done, each time, over and over again!

Oscar Winkelaar

AGCS has been great for us. They are extremely professional and always go the extra mile to help us deliver to our clients on time. AGCS have also opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of what can be achieved with Html5 web banners, which always excites us for future projects.

Joe Taylor

Who we work with


Our Story

The story behind AGCS

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Meet the team at AGCS

AGCS Justin Campbell

Justin Campbell

Managing Director

Joined AdGibbon in 2012 as late co-founder. Keen philosopher, cricket fan and social employer.

AGCS Niels Berkhout

Niels Berkhout


Original founder of AdGibbon. NFL fan, loves croissants and excellent all round coder.

AGCS Sarah Long

Sarah Long

Project Manager

New Zealander who joined in 2017 from the London agency scene. Animal lover and globetrotter.

AGCS Xavier Garcia

Xavier Garcia

Front End

Originally from Spain and years of experience at LG. Loves his cats, all things Mac and eclectic taste in music.

AGCS Bastiaan van de Kamer

Bastiaan van de Kamer

Front End

Multi talented Dutchman recently moved to Amsterdam. Music lover, super social and clean coder.

AGCS Ben Lee

Ben Lee

Account Director

Hailing from Oxford in the UK with years of sales experience. Loves rugby, Wagamama and the new boy in Amsterdam.

AGCS Wizard

Wiz Wimolpatanatham


Born in Thailand and grew up in the UK. Wiz is a keen foodie, she loves all things designs and is literally ‘a wiz’ with Photoshop & Sketch.

AGCS Inger Wolters

Inger Wolters

Marketing & Design

Born in Zwolle, lived in Berlin. Gets excited about good design, art galleries and manages marketing for AGCS.

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