HTML5 Creative Production


HTML5 Creative Production.


Developing HTML5 creative for agencies and premium publishers.

We are a HTML5 Production Agency supporting a range of companies with their digital advertising projects and campaigns. 

Our company started in 2011 focussing on mobile rich media creatives and the development of an ad-serving system. Since the major browsers started blocking Flash in 2015 we changed into a creative production agency focussing on coding display banners for all kinds of campaigns.


What we do....


Our team of front end developers focus on one thing, and one thing only - designing and building HTML5 banners.

Since Flash was blocked by the major online browsers in 2015 we've been supporting a number of agencies and publishers develop all kinds of HTML5 creatives and we can help you too... 



We appreciate the world of digital media can be complex, and discretion is key. It's for this reason that we operate as a 'ghost company' working in the background on your development projects

This means we can focus on high quality production for you and your clients, and we won't use your client material for our promotion. 


QUALITY & Turnaround

Our unique selling point at AGCS is our focus on producing quality creative quickly and to a high standard. 

Collectively our team has over 22 years ad-serving and digital experience, meaning we know about banner specifications and the importance of technical delivery for display campaigns.