Experts in HTML5 Banners,

Augmented Reality Ads and

Digital out of Home Production.

Digital Out of home

DOOH media owners in the Netherlands have transitioned to HTML5 supported screens, and the UK is soon to follow.

For advertisers, this means a whole new range of opportunities are open, combining the wide reach of DOOH with the engagement potential and responsiveness of HTML5 code: live feeds, interactive games or live streaming, anything is possible.

AGCS is the first HTML5 DOOH focussed production company in the Netherlands and can help you develop brilliant, responsive and high engaging ads for your Out of Home campaigns.

HTML5 Banner Design image

HTML5 Banners

We believe a kick ass creative is the key to a campaign’s success: this is why we love producing both beautiful and high-performing HTML5 banners. We work with lightweight code to make your creatives work smoothly on multiple platforms and devices.

We can support the design & building of dynamic banners, rich media ads, retargeting banners, Mraid, AMPs and much more.

Social Media Ads

Investing in good social media ads has countless benefits: social media give you a chance to improve brand recognition and loyalty while reducing marketing costs and most importantly reaching an extremely wide audience.

AGCS can help you build engaging Facebook and Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Instant Experiences, interactive SparkAR filters and the up and coming TikTok ads.