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2021 Holiday eCommerce Trends you need to know

2021 Holiday eCommerce Trends you need to know

We’ve compiled and curated the latest trends and news for the upcoming holiday season to boost your eCommerce to the best it can be. We cover must-know marketing events, inspiring digital campaigns, and all things creative industry. We hope you find it useful for your campaigns.

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2021 eCommerce Buying Habits

It’s time to get into the festive spirit because the holiday season is looking promising for advertisers. The global pandemic has impacted our shopping habits, with more and more people saving to spend money for the holidays.

Although shoppers are keen to get back to their favourite stores in-person, the rise of online shopping shows no signs of slowing down. Two in three will buy more in November and December, with 19% spending 10% more than they did last year.

Studies project the most popular category for this holiday season to be home DIY, furniture and appliances. Other categories they noted are auto, adventure and sporting accessories (23%), electronics and computers (21%), and clothing, shoes and accessories (20%).

Businesses should consider the best approach to leverage strategic media partnerships to drive sales to take advantage of this time.

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Elevating your Festive Campaigns

There’s a lot of potential around the festive season for advertisers to go all out. But how can marketers and advertisers best prepare their campaigns for the festive season?

  • Start early: It’s crucial to make the necessary preparations early. 43% of people start their gift shopping in November, with 33% expecting to start before Black Friday.
  • Adjust your socials: Adjust your social media feeds in preparation for the season. Identify your selling points, create separate feeds for the holiday-related items or services you wish to promote and prioritize them across all your channels.
  • Test your creatives: You don’t start A/B testing during the holiday – you do it in advance to get the right message and creative ready for the right audiences. AdCore recommends pushing seasonal arrivals and implementing any successful combinations for the holiday season.

To check out more tips, read Adcore’s article here.


Creative Festive Marketing Ideas

You don’t have to stop just at a post and a sale during the holidays – lean into the holiday and use it as an opportunity to connect with customers. For example, November hosts Thanksgiving and Black Friday. People want to give back to the people they love, so marketers should look to connect to their audiences on an emotional level. Think of giveaways, campaigns or posts that give back to your community. Let this become a theme across your social media channels for consistency.

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Major Upcoming Holidays to tap into

  • 26 Nov – Black Friday
  • 28 Nov – Hannukkah
  • 29 Nov – Cyber Monday
  • 5 Dec – Sinterklaas
  • 6 Dec – St.Nicholas
  • 25 Dec – Christmas
  • 26 Dec – Boxing Day
  • 31 Dec – New Year

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