12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas




Interactive Landing Page

This project involved the development of a campaign landing page with several interactive elements encouraging ongoing engagement with the brand.

UK based TV marketing agency Finecast wanted to produce an interactive landing page to use for brand building and marketing purposes. Together with the client we decided on a Christmas theme based around an advent calendar - the 12 days of Christmas - which would encourage repeated engagement.

Design and development

The advent calendar translated into 12 windows on the screen representing each day. On the represented day the user could click on the window to reveal that day's content.

The design and illustration was provided by creative agency Orchid Creation consistent with the existing Finecast creative assets. We used the design elements to code simple illustrations which reveal a playful illustrated scene followed by a content snippet. These were either an interesting general TV fact, a simple quiz, or info about Finecast.

Finecast 12 Days of Christmas website shown on a laptop computer
Finecast 12 Days of Christmas website shown on a laptop computer


An important part of this project was to ensure full functionality on mobile. We custom coded the website in HTML5 to be fully responsive. We also tested the mobile site through our rigorous QA process to ensure it worked flawlessly across platforms and devices.
Quiz from the Finecast 12 Days of Christmas website developed by AGCS