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Woocommerce Website

This project involved the design and development of a WooCommerce website with a strong focus on brand and product, as well as social media and display ad campaigns.

Hurom - a kitchen appliance company specialising in slow juicers - contracted us to produce their Ecommerce website for the Benelux area of Europe. The brand has a clear identity and sales strategy revolving around promoting the health benefits of fresh juice and the role the product plays in a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the website needed to integrate this into a great user experience balancing informative content with sales funnels.

Design and development

We created a WooCommerce site with a design and layout which reflected the brand values. This featured appealing images of the product and elements of a healthy lifestyle. This is followed by key media reviews and an aggregator featuring instagram posts for influencer marketing. These reviews are a key strategy to build credibility in the sales process. Also included on the homepage is USP oriented content links, customer reviews, and featured products.

Since it serves a region spanning several languages, the website was built with multilingual functionality.

Hurom website shown on a laptop computer
Hurom website shown on a laptop computer
Product listing from the Hurom website developed by AGCS

E-Shop and Payment Functionality

We built the shop section of the website to show off all the features of the product. We developed customised product pages with a clean layout highlighting product information, colour variations, and USPs. Each product page also features a video showing the product in action. A floating product reviews snippet is also included to help reinforce the value of the offering.

We also added a customer account area on the site where users can sign in to view orders, track shipping status and access customer benefits.

For the payment processing function we enabled a range of payment methods including card, Paypal, and additional third party payment solutions. We also made allowance for coupon or discount codes which tie into the billing calculation.

We built the logistics function to calculate shipping based on location, feeding into the billing, and assemble the shipping information to add to the order info.


For an E-commerce store such as this it is critical to make sure the mobile site functions perfectly. We undertook our rigorous QA process to ensure the site worked perfectly across devices and platforms.
Hurom mobile website developed by AGCS