Shopify Website

This project involved the development of a Shopify Ecommerce website with key functionality to meet the needs of the clients brand.

Parkminster is an English company producing a range of hand-made candles, reed diffusers & bath products for the home. They asked us to create a Shopify website to develop the online sales channel for their business. The business is committed to producing handmade, small-batch products of the highest quality so it was important that the design and function of the website reflected these values.

Design and development

We designed the homepage layout to be clean and elegant to best reflect the brand values. It was important to highlight the key USPs so these were integrated into several features on the homepage including a sliding header, page links, and text descriptions. Alongside the key USPs are featured product banners which set an impression of the quality handmade products, and the wellness and well-being lifestyle of the brand.

Other key features are a newsletter signup, appearing as a pop-up banner as well as floating and stationary links, and customer reviews which are a very powerful sales tactic for the brand.

Parkminster website shown on a laptop computer
Parkminster website shown on a laptop computer
Filter functionality from the Parkminster website developed by AGCS

Product Categorization

Great care was taken to produce an excellent user experience. We developed sophisticated searchability functionality based on product categorization. This system aggregates products under themed categories, and then allows users to easily filter results by type of scent, product type, or price. Product details are uploaded from the clients product spreadsheet database.

All products are shown in a tiled format at a size and level of detail which shows the product off and further assists with searchability. All of this allows the user to quickly and simply find a specific product, but also makes for a very pleasant browsing experience.

Payment Functionality

To make sure that the client can get the maximum number of conversions it is critical to ensure the checkout process is seamless. We developed this process to accept payment by credit card, PayPal, and Google pay. We also developed functionality for shipping and logistics which collects the necessary user information, calculates costs, and assigns shipping details to the order.

Product page from the Parkminster website developed by AGCS