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The Outside Perspectives


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Website, Visual Identity, Blog

For this project, we created a brand new online presence for our client, with a strong and recognizable visual identity.

The Outside Perspectives - a management consulting company - tasked us with creating a new website which reflects their mission to promote new methods of doing business where investment in people generates ecological value. This company's mission needed to be reflected in the website's look and feel and overall visual identity.

Design and development

Since the main objective of the project was to build an aesthetic that showcases the client's values, we created a carefully structured layout which tells the user a story about the client and their approach to business.

We designed icons, patterns, and backgrounds with elements of nature presented in a minimalistic and modern way to represent the holistic approach of the clients’ consulting business as well as their commitment to the environment.

We built the website on WordPress, using Elementor PRO to create a custom theme. Before taking the website to live we tested performance on all major browsers including Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Mozilla to ensure a seamless user experience.

Perspective Matters
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What we Believe

Look & feel

The main design focus was to communicate the client's commitment to environmental preservation through a strong visual identity.

To this end we created icons, patterns, and backgrounds using visual cues which reflect nature, community, and progress. Some specific elements include a natural colour palette, a tree ring visual descriptor, maps, and topographic line work as backgrounds and custom icons.


An important communications and marketing platform for the website is a blog which features case studies and success stories of the client. To enhance the impact of this we designed a highly customised article template to be used along with the blog module we installed. This template easily integrates stats, quotes, and charts which can be used to communicate blog content clearly and effectively. A standard article template also ensures a pleasant user experience and good searchability.



Our team built a mobile site designed to be responsive and easily navigable across devices and platforms. As part of our QA process, we tested the functionality on all major mobile devices for multiple manufacturers and different operating systems.

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