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Website, Visual Identity, Membership, Custom Functionalities

This project involved creating a new website and brand-new visual identity for our client, built around lead generation for a key event and ongoing engagement.

The UA Society - a non-profit in the mobile app space - required a website with the main goal of generating leads for their annual trade show, the UA Society Summit. We achieved this using functionality which encourages users to sign in to knowledge-sharing content and platforms for ongoing engagement and lead generation. By enhancing meaningful collaboration and knowledge-sharing using member-only content we introduced several different funnels to generate leads.

Design and development

We built a brand-new website from scratch, which allowed us to develop a new and fresh visual identity with an engaging aesthetic. We made use of glitch-like custom graphics and filters to build a visually stimulating website and memorable brand.

To highlight the main focus of the website - the annual UA summit - and its status as an international mobile industry event, we wanted to show snapshots of the trade show. To do this we designed a gallery featuring pictures of the previous events, as well as a video header for the homepage with a short film showing highlights from the show held the previous year.

The site was built on WordPress using Elementor to create a custom theme. Before taking the website live we performed our comprehensive QA procedure including testing for tablet and mobile devices, as well as all major internet browsers.

UA Society website shown on a laptop computer
UA Society website shown on a laptop computer
Knowledge vault area from the UA Society website developed by AGCS

Custom Functionalities

The website required some custom functionality to create the interactive and engaging user experience we had designed, and to achieve this we used several plugins.

The first capability allowed us to connect a contact form to the official Slack channel of the UA Society Summit event, enabling users to apply to join the channel and connect with other attendees.This had previously been by invite only, so including a link on the website to apply to join created a new level of engagement and lead generation.

The second capability was a registration feature which used Linkedin to validate information for a user applying to access exclusive content on the website. Again, this encouraged meaningful interaction with the brand and messaging and helped to generate leads.

Membership Functionalities

The key feature of the website is the membership area known as the knowledge vault. This features a repository of knowledge and information from industry experts relating to mobile app growth including slides, reports, and insights from the mobile app industry as well as feedback from past events. This content is only available to users who completed the registration through the Linkedin validation flow.

The membership functionalities encourage a deep level of engagement with the brand and strong lead generation for the annual event.

Gallery page from the UA Society website developed by AGCS


Critically, we designed a responsive mobile website built for easy navigation and a pleasant user experience. We also tested the site across devices and platforms to ensure perfect functionality for any user. This is a standard part of our process which ensures that our clients digital presence is flawless.

UA Society mobile website developed by AGCS