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AGCS win luxury wallet brand Monbue from Vienna

AGCS win luxury wallet brand Monbue from Vienna

Vienna – The luxury wallet maker Monbue have selected AGCS as their digital strategy & creative content agency for the European and GCC region.

Monbue is the brainchild of Timon Miklin & Michael Krammel who have sought to create the ultimate luxury wallet from the finest materials to fit any occasion and any style.

The Monbue wallet is unique as it takes a hard case form for cards, and can also carry notes and more importantly coins. This unique design has lead Monbue to experience exponential growth in European markets and now they look to expand internationally with the help of AGCS.

Features of the wallet include the option to hold up to 7 cards and several coins in their patented coin card mechanism. There is also a beautifully crafted leather pocked at the front of the wallet to store a few bank notes. Monbue also focus on sourcing the highest quality materials sustainably, including the use of a vegan alternative to leather called Desserto which is cruelty free and has a much lower environmental impact. These beautiful wallets retail at €198 and come in an impressive display box.

GOLD – In recent months Monbue has started working with a Vienna based jeweller to acquire ethically sourced gold and produce the world’s first secure pure gold wallet. The wallet will retail at €100,000 and are bespoke designed on request. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Monbue on their global expansion plans and have been supporting them in all areas of their online marketing and ecommerce implementation. It’s a very exciting time to work with a company that focus on the highest quality product and innovation” – Justin Campbell CMO, AGCS

“Monbue was searching for the right digital partner for a long time. We used the online agency platform Sortlist and were extremely pleased to have found AGCS after a detailed research process. We look forward to working with them to launch or wallets in the GCC region and our world first Golden wallet also.” – Michael Krammer, Co-founder, Monbue

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