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New website

This project involved creating a vibrant online portal for adventure-seekers to explore and select their dream journey. This is Destination Yamaha!

Yamaha Motor came to us with an idea for a web portal to showcase and promote motorcycle riding experiences around the world. They work with a selection of highly-experienced tour operators to curate a broad selection of adventurous journeys around the world. The website therefore needed to communicate the thrill and excitement of motorcycle travel, the adventure of unseen destinations, and the love for sports and adrenaline.

Design and development

Our first goal was to design an enticing homepage which visually expresses the adventure, excitement, and passion of motorcycle adventure riding. To this end we used striking professional photographs of riders and bikes which told a story and set the tone. Additionally, we added a video header featuring beautiful scenery and dynamic experiences to create a sense of inspiration for motorcycle travel and adventure.

The website was built on WordPress using the Elementor website builder. Great care was taken to ensure the website is easily navigable and searchable so that users can intuitively identify the type of adventures which interest them. We also performed an extensive cross-browser and device QA, making sure that the website is responsive across devices.

Home page of Yamaha Motor website developed by AGCS
Yamaha Motor website shown on a laptop computer
Yamaha Motor website shown on a laptop computer
Video sample from the Yamaha Motor website developed by AGCS

Experiences page

A particular request from the client was a page which allows users to easily and intuitively filter experiences by type, location, period, duration, level of experience, starting price, and type of vehicle. To achieve this we created an experience page with simple yet powerful filter functionality.

We then built a page template to be used for each experience which includes sections for the overview, full itinerary, required equipment and other key info. This clear and standardised format allows users to view all important information quickly, and easily compare experiences.

Additionally, we integrated a custom contact form, visible on each experience page, which allows the user to send an inquiry or booking request directly to the tour operator of that experience.


To ensure a seamless user experience for portable devices we made sure the Yamaha Motor mobile site was responsive across devices and platforms. Our QA process tests for functionality on IOS and Android, and across devices including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

Experience page from the Yamaha Motor website developed by AGCS