UX/UI redesign

Gemeente Amstelveen

Gemeente Amstelveen




UX/UI Redesign

This project involved developing the UX/UI for a municipality data portal from initial research and testing through to final design and functionality.

The Amstelveen Municipality approached us to develop the UX/UI for a data portal website they were creating to provide public information such as population dynamics, resource locations, maps of the city, and water usage data. A demo version of the website had been created, but the design was unappealing and difficult to use. The client wanted to rework the website to offer excellent search functionality, ease of navigation, and a pleasant visual experience.

Design and development

We completed an entire redesign of the website front-end, following an iterative process which included wireframing, Figma design, user testing, and client feedback sessions.

We made sure the data categories and tags were clearly defined and displayed, making each category easy to locate, and displayed in a way that category pathways to information could be tracked. We developed the filtering and searching functionality to work more effectively and allow users to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

We created the main page layout to feature a search bar prominently at the top of the page, followed by themes of data categories available. We included a banner linking to latest news pieces and an ‘About Gemeente’ information section to finish off the page. For the data set page, we worked out optimal ways to display information, with visible filter categories and tags alongside.

Along with the improved layout, we changed the colours and icons selected from our options presented to the client. This completed the new, appealing, and user friendly look we were striving for.

Gemeente Amstelveen website shown on a laptop computer
Gemeente Amstelveen website shown on a laptop computer
Filtered data page from the Gemeente Amstelveen website developed by AGCS

Research & Testing

Our first task was to understand the demo version of the website and produce a comprehensive list of pain points which were affecting usability. We then analysed the site map to work out how best to restructure the website towards the client goals. We defined the user personas (or target audience) to understand how to tailor the website content and design. Lastly, we developed a selection of colour palette combinations taking into account best practice measures to ensure accessibility for visually impaired users.


In addition to the redesigned website, we provided the client with a full report of the project steps. This is useful to explain the research, thinking, and execution behind the redesign, and so that the client could gain valuable insight into the functionality of their website going forward.

Data set from the Gemeente Amstelveen website developed by AGCS


From the research and user personas established for this project we found it critical to ensure a seamless user experience for portable devices. We made sure all the design elements and functionality worked equally well on the mobile site – across various platforms and devices.
Design feature from the Gemeente Amstelveen website developed by AGCS mobile website developed by AGCS