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Interactive Landing Page, Display Campaign

This project involves the development of an interactive landing page and associated HTML5 banner campaign to efficiently and effectively market to the correct segment.

Universal Pictures approached us to assist them with a marketing campaign for their dvd box sets. They wanted to promote multiple dvd box sets through mobile advertising - but only had a relatively small budget assigned to each individual box set. They therefore needed a way to efficiently promote the right box set to the right buyer

Design and development

We developed an interactive landing page featuring a mini game which asked users a series of questions such as “who is the gift for?” and “what genres might they like?”. The game used a multiple choice format presented as clickable thumbnail images from popular films to represent each available answer.

Users were directed to the game from an HTML5 interactive banner campaign. Based on their responses to the game questions, a recommendation was formed for excellent box set gift ideas.

Universal Gift Finder website shown on a laptop computer
Universal Gift Finder website shown on a laptop computer
Gift recommendation from the Universal Gift Finder website developed by AGCS

Solving the Problem

The campaign was due to be launched in the run-up to the Christmas period. We ran several search queries to find out what people were searching for in the Benelux region around this time. As predicted, people were looking for gift ideas.

Our idea was to combine a search campaign and an interactive landing page to drive Ecommerce traffic - which we called the gift game.

The campaign produced excellent results, with over 28 000 page visits and a 90% completion rate of the game. Universal pictures subsequently saw a 26% increase in sales!